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A nifty little utility for SharePoint that allows the listing of user and group permission rights across one or all of your Sharepoint sites in a farm. Also allows specific report restrictions, for example, against a specific user and/or a specific permission right. This has been updated to work with SharePoint 2010.

Original October 2008, updated Jan 2009 Ver 1.1 - Works with SharePoint 2010

Note. GEGETRIGHTS has been superceeded by GELISTALLSITES located here:

List User Rights against all sites, or a specific site or a specific with site against a specific user ID

GEGetRights -w url -u userid -o rights -f outputfilename

Example 1:
GEGetRights -w http://mysharepointsite
This will display all users within that site and subsites and list all user rights in them.

Example 2:
GEGetRights -w http://mysharepointsite -u MYDomain/MyUserID
This will display rights for the user Login Account (e.g. MYDomain/MyUserID could mean MYAD/Fredbloggs) against the http://mysharepointsite and subsites.

Example 3:
GEGetRights -f c:\rightsfile.txt
Will display all users against all sites and subsites and list all user rights in them and write the results to the filename c:\rightsfile.txt

Example 4:
GEGetRights -o FC This will run against all sites looking for anyone who has Full Rights, either at group or user permissions level.

Using the -o parameter:
FC = Full Control
HC = Content Heirachy
CN = Contributor
DE = Designer
AP = Approve

More info here:

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